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Do you ever want to go to a nice little bar/cafe after work?
I mean somewhere you can actually have a conversation (and hear yourself speak).
Where your voice isn’t drowned out by the noise from too-loud speakers playing the latest Nigerian club bangers.
Think light food, cappuccinos, espressos , cider-that sort of thing.

Well, we found a perfect little watering hole in the heart of Maitama!

house+43 saffron

Photo credit: logosandaudibles.blogspot.com


Saffron Cafe is the in-house coffee shop at the cleverly named House 43 which is located at 43, Gana street, Maitama, Abuja.

They offer a variety of what you could term dive-bar food. Burgers, shawarmas, potato wedges (which you must try!) and pastries.

(Isoken: Well, if you’re on a date I wouldn’t recommend the burger. It’s a bit too fat and messy!)
(Maki: If you absolutely must eat beef, try the beef jacket instead. It’s like a meat-pie, but way more classy. With way less effort.)
(Nicole: I’m a coffee girl so I had the vanilla capuccino and a Chef salad. The capuccino was perfect, and the salad was very fresh with just enough cheese and the lettuce was crispy and surprisingly sweet like it had been lightly coated in sugar. Sounds odd, but it was delicious!) 

Best part is, you don’t even have to break the bank to dine here. Everything is completely affordable.
Notable find: Stella Artois cider!


There’s also a little book corner which is remininscent of Salamander in the old days, it’s stocked with coffee table books and board games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Buzzword.

(Nicole: Still loyal to Salamander!)


Let’s not forget the magazine rack which is by our favourite table just by the door.


 Top: H&M chiffon blouse from room624. Product code:0000181


The outdoor sitting area is also pretty decent, with a fancy garden arch entrance-unfortunately not pictured here.
Best part: There’s free WiFi and it smells like coffee all the time!
Worst part: Only downside is they close at 9pm.

(Isoken: Silver-lining, there’s a bar on the first floor where you can go after they turn their lights off.)

Room624 definitely recommends!

Room624 team

The Room624 team.


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